Do you ever feel that you are losing touch with your family or friends, because in our busy modern world there is just never enough time, to call or e-mail everybody and sort out time and places to get together? If that sounds familiar then Qwingle is for you.

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Qwingle is a simple social diary planning tool, allowing users to quickly share their calendar with friends and family and vice versa, accepting invitations just as quickly. Socialising


You can quickly see the calendars of those who you would like to get together with and simply and easily suggest all kinds of get-togethers with them. Sharing

Special Offers

At the touch of a button you can easily access special offers for potential venue details so that you can book cinemas, restaurants, travel, accommodation and more. Speacial Offers


It's rare to find a calendar done differently. Qwingle looks nothing like others calendar apps with a clean, fluid interface, with simple gestures to change views and has slick transitions.

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qwingle design qwingle detail view

Designed with you in mind

Qwingle takes your calendar to another level a lightweight design, easy to navigate and simple to use app, you can create and share an event in seconds. qwingle is designed with you in mind

Great features include linking events to a location giving you one tap access to directions and weather for upcoming days to help you plan every of before your event. qwingle weather

Other great features include colour coded event-specific icons, instant photo sharing, integration with Facebook and Google+, birthday planner and more... qwingle photo sharing


We value your feedback

We’re always looking for ways to improve Qwingle, and you can help by giving us feedback about the app. This feedback can be anything from changes you would like to see to issues you’ve experienced.

Give us suggestions on what you would like to see and what features you would like to have, tell us what you like and what you don’t like. The more we know the better Qwingle will be for everyone.

If you have a problem, be as specific as possible. If you’re not sure what something is called, describe it instead. The more we know, the more likely it is that we can figure out the cause.


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